Topics API get read state parameter and Group API get billing response

2010/10/21 1:56 に Akihiro Matsumura が投稿

Include Topics and comment on Timeline response and add parameters on verify_credencials

2010/09/06 23:12 に Akihiro Matsumura が投稿

  • Timeline(Home, Room) response is include comments if request parameter has "flat" attributes
  • Verify_creadincials response is include participation infomataions

Add User/verify_credentials

2010/08/19 18:24 に Akihiro Matsumura が投稿

  • Get login user account infomation

Fix xauth url is invalid

2010/08/05 17:44 に Akihiro Matsumura が投稿

API URL is changed

2010/06/24 0:05 に Akihiro Matsumura が投稿

youRoom's URL will change soon, so API URL will change.
Add new url on document.

Enterprise API is released

2010/05/27 23:16 に Akihiro Matsumura が投稿

There is Enterprise plan to manage rooms and users.

  • Create new room
  • Index rooms that is related enterprise billing
  • Add new participation to room. New user must be related in enterprise / Or same with remove


2010/05/24 1:10 に Akihiro Matsumura が投稿

  • Home Timeline: Add params for fetch entries by last fetched time.
  • Room Timeline: Same as home timeline.
  • My Groups: Add new api to get joined group list

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